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  • Messiah in you, the hope of glory
    המשיח אשר בקירבכם הוא תקות הכבוד

  • Hear O Israel, the LORD our God, the LORD is One
    שמע ישראל יהוה אלהנו יהוה אחד

Weekly Sessions

Onsite service

10:30 AM - Main Service

Prayer texting open after service until
2:00 PM: (877) 730-0966.

Watch our live services here.

Online Services and Meetings

8:00 AM - Prayer
9:00 AM - Bible Study
10:30 AM Watch Service
3:00 PM - Torah Study

7:00 PM - Israel Prayer

7:30 PM - Russian Fellowship

3:00 PM - Face-to-Face (Today's Issues from a Biblical perspective) with John Kutz (Open to All)


7:00 PM - Kabbalat Shabbat with Tina Graham

Go to Interactive Online Sessions for info on how to connect.

Latest Messages

"Let us press on to maturity" Hebrews 6:1
by David Gurevich
March 25, 2023
Shabbat Service, 3-18-23
by Joey Suyat
March 18, 2023
Shabbat Service, 3-11-23
by Joey Suyat
March 11, 2023

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