What is Messianic dance?

Messianic dance is choreographed dances which combine Israeli folkdance with contemporary worship music.  Worship is the primary objective of Messianic dance.  The hands and feet of the dancer are God’s instruments of praise and worship.  Unity in the circle is the second objective.  The dance circle is representative of life and community, with everyone holding each other up as we extend love, grace and support to our neighbor.

God is restoring the established ways of worship in dance and we are sensing the desire of the Body of Messiah to rediscover its Jewish roots, especially in worship, praise, and Messianic dance.  Dance has been a part of Israel since the earliest days of their faith expression as a meaningful demonstration of corporate praise and worship.  Additionally, dance has always been part of the Jewish depiction of celebration of life cycles, religious holidays and triumph in warfare.

It is our prayer that you and your congregation will use these tools to lift up the name of Yeshua through rejoicing in the dance.