Edi and Bona Demo - Illyricum Movement

Saturday, August 31, 2019 - 10:30 AM

Special guest speakers from Albania, A Nation in the Gap

Greetings from Edi, Bona and our children Noel and Sion. We are excited to share with you our ministry with ILLYRICUM MOVEMENT, in Albania and in other Muslim countries.


Demo photo

A short Biography
• We both come from MUSLIM backgrounds.
• Raised in the most ATHEISTIC STATE in the world. (in 1967 our dictator declared Albania to be the first atheistic state in the world)
• Reached by the GRACE OF GOD in 1993.
• We belong to the FIRST GENERATION of Christians.
(for 5 centuries we have been under Islam and lately under Communism)
• Serving full time in PLANTING CHURCHES among muslims.
• This is a chart about out strategy in Church planting.

For more info: www.illyricum.org Phone: 206-414-2502. Email:demofamily@gmail.com