Thrive: True Identity | Joy Starts Here - Nov 4 & 5

Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 4:00 PM

Thrive: True Identity is where you jump start your experience with joy using a variety of relational brain skills from appreciation to rest with engaging exercises to increase your ability to lead an Immanuel (God with Us) Lifestyle. All of this means you live peacefully and joyfully with the comforting awareness of God by your side. Your normal, everyday life is transformed to a new normal of joy and peace.

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Learning new brain skills require time, practice and interaction. While we wish you could learn new brain skills by reading a book or watching a video, this is not how God designed the relational wiring in your brain. Much like going to the gym to exercise, brain skills are learned with hands-on exercises in shared states of joy. Thrive: True Identity provides new exercises for you to learn new brain skills so you start experiencing serious joy. After all, joy is supposed to be your natural state for life, relationships, faith and your emotional and mental health.

If joy is not your “normal”, then Thrive: True Identity is for you!

Thrive: True Identity is unique from our regular Thrive Training, in that:

  • True Identity is a 2-Day Track rather than a 5-Day track
  • You can participate individually or with a bonded partner; you decide!
  • There is no required preparation. You register now and simply show up.

What does Thrive: True Identity cover?

By retraining your brain to learn new skills and deepening your relationship with Immanuel, THRIVE: True Identity equips you to live from the heart Jesus gave you. Expressing your identity in a relational world requires your brain to run on joy! At this 2-day event,  you practice hands-on, interactive exercises designed to equip you to express God's character through your life and relationships so that joy steers your life more than pain and negative emotions.
THRIVE: True Identity retrains your brain by focusing on 5 essential elements:
  • Restarting my brain’s normal.
  • Resting: inserting rest into my life.
  • Praying: interacting with Immanuel.
  • Playing: adding play to my life and relationships.
  • Giving: living from the generous heart Jesus gave me.

Stop surviving; start thriving!  Get the skills you need at Thrive: True Identity.

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