A Second Sinai for a Second Generation: Retelling HisStory

by Rev. Bill Bjoraker

July 29, 2017

In this Torah parasha of the week of July 29th , on the Shabbat before Tisha b’Av (9th of the Jewish month of Av), Moses retells the story of people’s journey from Sinai to Kadesh Barnea, the rebellion of the people there, and the LORD God’s judgement on that generation to die in the desert over the next 40 years. Since they refused to enter the land as commanded, they were banned from entering it ever. In Rabbinic reckoning this event was the first in a long line of tragedies of the Jewish people that happened on or are remembered on Tisha b’Av. Now, in his final address to the people, Moses brings this new generation back to the foot of Sinai, connecting them to the story that define who they are. He prepares them for their new opportunity to now enter the land promised to their fathers. The God of Israel is the God of new beginnings.
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