The Gifts and Ministry of the Holy Spirit • Part 13 - The Vocal Gifts: Prophecy, Part 2

by Hylan Slobodkin

August 4, 2018

A prophecy isn’t a prophecy because you sound like Shakespeare, or you yell, or get really emotional, or dramatic, or because you say, “Thus saith the Lord.” It’s not a prophecy because you get really serious, or stern, or harsh or sound foreboding. In fact, a prophecy could be spoken in a whisper. Or it could be any of the above. A prophecy is God speaking through an individual, using human words, led by the Holy Spirit. And most of the time, the majority of the time, the prophecy will not conflict with the spirit of what’s happening in the assembly. Or put another way, a prophecy will almost always affirm and reinforce the spiritual atmosphere in the room.
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