Simchat Torah 5780 • The Word of God brings refreshing and revival

by Hylan Slobodkin

October 21, 2019

As we reroll the Torah scroll from Deuteronomy to Genesis, it’s a reminder to read the Word of God continually, and to hide God’s Word in our heart so that we won’t sin against Him. As we circle the sanctuary seven times with the Torah, the instruction of God given to Moses, we are recognizing the inspiration of the Word of God and the eternal nature of its Author. We rejoice that the Word of God became flesh in the Person of Yeshua, and we rejoice in the joy of His salvation. Lord, thank You for Your Word. The seven hakafot, or circuits, recall the story of Jericho, when Joshua led the procession around the city seven times on the seventh day, the walls came crumbling down, and the enemy was routed. As you get the Word of God inside of you, your enemies will be routed, and you will be made whole. Ahmen and Hallelujah!
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