Ted Pearce, Leading Worship

Saturday, September 3, 2022 - 10:30 AM

Ted will lead us in worship for Boker Shabbat and share a message.


Ted Pearce with his guitarTed Pearce grew up in Vidor, Texas. There he began his professional career as a singer at the age of 15, and at the same age became an atheist. But in summer of 1989, Ted began reading the Bible to prove it was wrong. In January of 1990 he made a decision to trust in Yeshua (aka Jesus) and began attending a messianic Jewish congregation.


In the late 90s, he recorded with two Christian rock bands. In early 2002, Ted signed with Galilee of the Nations Records. In 2006 he did his first tour of Europe and met Pastor Jobst Bittner of TOS Church Tubingen. This began an activist partnership of addressing historical Church anti-semitism around Europe through extended prayer walks called "March of Life".


In August of 2012, March of Life went to Poland, where Ted met Polish soul-singer and superstar Mietek Szczesniak, who introduced him to Producer Wendy Waldman in California, which led to an opportunity to work with Polish Producer and Pianist-extraordinaire, Pawel Zarecki (and his incredibly talented wife, Jadzia). These introductions led Ted to work with the Longhouse Crew, and with Israeli Producer/Guitarist/Singer Jamie Hilsden. Working with these friends in Warsaw, Hollywood, and Jerusalem was the inspiration and foundation of the Cultural Xchange Series recording sessions.