Frequently Asked Questions 


1.   When will Beit Tikvah be having onsite services?
The first service planned is on July 4, with limited seating available in the Sanctuary and outside in a tent. Registration is required to attend. Register here

 2.  Why are we not meeting like we did before?
Because we care about the health of our community, we are proceeding with caution out of love and concern for our community as a whole.  We have developed new procedures and infrastructure to accommodate current health guidelines.  See #5 below.

 3.  What is Foursquare’s position?
Foursquare has published two letters addressing the ethical, practical, missional, and legal questions surrounding this.  The approach we are taking aligns with Foursquare’s guidance.  Below are links to their most recent communications.

May 22, 2020 -
May 15, 2020 - 

4.  What is the procedure in the event someone comes to Beit Tikvah and afterward find they test positive for COVID-19?
If you tested positive after attending a service, please contact us ( We will notify the congregation regarding which service you attended and the general area where you were seated (tent or sanctuary).  We will not be identifying your name unless you give us permission.  

5.  What is Beit Tikvah doing to encourage healthy interaction?

  • Installed additional handwashing stations in the foyer, Fellowship Hall and Nursery
  • Purchasing a 30’x60’ tent for additional overflow seating
  • Spacing seats such that there is 6ft between household groups.  
  • Limiting attendance in each area.
  • Installed UV air purifier systems in the sanctuary and fellowship hall HVAC systems.
  • Sanitizing high touch surfaces more frequently
  • Providing hand sanitizing wipes and gel
  • Tithe boxes will be used for tithes and offerings rather than passing offering bags 
  • Encouraging other greetings besides handshakes and hugs. Be creative.
  • Dispersing by 1:30pm to minimize potential exposure time.
  • Implementing mandatory wearing of face coverings.

6.  Will there be an oneg?
No, the buffet style oneg will be discontinued for a while.  Additional fellowship time will be introduced in future phases.

7.  If physical attendance is limited, how will you determine who can attend?
There is no easy way to do this because we don’t want anyone to feel left out.  Our current plan is to have an online form will be available for individuals and families to sign up for one service every two weeks.  By staggering attendance, we hope everyone who would like to attend will be able to do so.  Throughout this period services will continue to be streamed live. 

8.  Will BT be practicing physical distancing upon opening? If so, how will that be accomplished?
The recommended general guideline is to keep at least 6 feet between you and someone who is not in your household.  Research has shown that a person speaking, shouting, singing or sneezing can further spread the virus.  About 30% of infected people do not exhibit symptoms.  We will attempt to help facilitate this distancing by moving chairs farther apart and providing additional outdoor seating.  We ask that you respect this distance with people who are not part of your household. 

9.  With seniors being an “at risk” group, how will BT provide for their safety?
We ask that everyone consider these at-risk individuals.  This is why it is vitally important that you stay home if you have any symptoms and refrain from close physical contact with others not in your household.   

10.  When will childcare and children’s classes resume?
We hope children’s classes and childcare will resume sometime during Phase 4 of the WA State Phased Plan.  In the meantime, materials are being sent to parents each week to share with the children. Royal Rangers is holding Zoom sessions.  

11.  Can I bring my children to service?  Will the playground be open?
Children are welcome to attend service, but be aware that children are expected to remain with their parents for the entire service.  Since there are no classes and the playground is closed, parents must keep their children with them and be responsible for them at all times. 

12. Will others be wearing facemasks at the service?  Should I wear one?  The purpose of wearing a facemask is to protect you and the people around you, so the benefit increases if more people wear them.  We want to set clear expectations for what attending a service would look like.  Currently, face coverings are required for everyone (except for children under the age of 5).

13.  Will people’s temperatures be checked upon entering BT?
Attendees are asked to take your temperature before planning to attend.   We ask that you take your children’s temperatures before leaving your home to come to Beit Tikvah.  If you or members of your household have a fever (100F or above), stay home and consult your doctor.  Volunteers and staff will be screened upon arrival including a temperature check.

14. I am needing help with my personal finances.  Can you help me
Contact our Benevolence ministry: or call 425-793-3002  

15. I am feeling disconnected from the BT community.  How can I become more connected?
We recommend tying in with any of the numerous Zoom sessions each week.  If you are unable to access Zoom with a computer or smart phone, a call-in number is provided as well.  Check the Beit Tikvah website for information on how to connect. 

16. Will the current Zoom sessions continue?

We plan to continue most of the Zoom sessions.  

17. What is Zoom?  
Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows multiple people to see each other in a virtual room.  You are able to connect with a computer, tablet, smart phone, or even a traditional phone (audio only).  It may require an application to be installed on your device, but once that is installed, connecting is quite simple.  Go to our website, and click the link for the particular Zoom session, and it will launch the application.   


18.  I heard Zoom had security issues.  What can you tell me about that?
Zoom was built to be very easy for people to use and connect to a meeting.  However, some of the features that allowed easy connections also allowed people to join meetings uninvited and then cause problems.  Zoom has been working diligently to fix security issues and is now using 256-bit encryption in its latest version, Zoom 5.0. It is recommended that you update your Zoom app to the latest version. All of Beit Tikvah’s meetings are password protected and have an active host who is monitoring the meetings. Hosts are the only ones who can screen-share and file-sharing is disabled in the chat. Our account is set to only use data centers in the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia.


Current COVID-19 Data

King County Statistics

Washintgon State Statistics

Worldwide Statistics


Area Health Departments

King County Department of Health 

Snohomish County Health District

Tacoma Pierce County Health Department


Area Testing Facilities

Here is a list of drive-thru testing facilities with addresses. 

       Kaiser Facilities:

  • Renton Kaiser Permanente Administrative Campus - 2715 Naches Ave. S.W., Renton, WA 98057
  • Lynnwood: Kaiser Permanente Lynnwood Medical Center - 20200 54th Ave. W.
  • Puyallup: Kaiser Permanente Puyallup Medical Center - 1007 39th Ave. S.E., Puyallup, WA 98374
  • Bellevue/Factoria: Kaiser Permanente Factoria Medical Center - 13451 S.E. 36th St., Bellevue, WA 98006
  • Everett: The large parking lot near Everett Memorial Stadium at 3900 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201
  • Olympia: Kaiser Permanente Olympia Medical Center - 700 Lilly Road N.E., Olympia, WA 98506
  • Seattle: Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Campus - 201 16th Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98112
  • Silverdale: Kaiser Permanente Silverdale Medical Center - 10452 Silverdale Way N.W. Silverdale, WA 98383
  • Burien: Kaiser Permanente Burien Medical Center -140 SW 146th St, Burien, WA 98166

       Swedish Hospitals:

  • Swedish Issaquah: 751 N.E. Blakely Drive (parking garage)
  • Swedish First Hill, Seattle: 515 Minor Ave; Suite 170
  • Swedish Edmonds: (Coming Soon)

       Snohomish County:

Financial Crisis Resources

Washington State Department of Financial Institution

Beit Tikvah Benevolence - Call (425) 793-3002