The recent events in Israel weigh heavily on our hearts. Since the morning of October 7, 2023, Israel has been under attack from Hamas, a terrorist organization that operates out of the Gaza Strip. The assault on the people of Israel has been relentless and cruel, as Hamas has targeted civilians with rocket attacks, gun massacres, kidnappings, and more. The death toll in Israel continues to climb and nears 1,000 lives lost, making this attack the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the end of the Holocaust.

As part of the body of Messiah, Beit Tikvah loves and supports the Nation of Israel. We have many friends, family members, and ministry partners in Israel. We fully support Israel's right to defend her people. Our hearts break with this devastation and we place our hope in God to save His people as He has so many times before.


Please join us in prayer as we call upon God our Father to act on behalf of His People Israel.

Pray for a quick end to this war.
Pray for protection for innocent lives on all sides.
Pray for wisdom for the government and military leaders in Israel.
Pray for all in Israel to call on Yeshua as their Salvation.
Pray that the efforts of Hamas will be thwarted.
Pray for those committing these acts of evil to repent and turn away from violence.


In addition to tithing the first 10% of our income directly to Israel, we also have a "Bless Israel" Fund that designates money to over three dozen ministries and causes in the land of Israel. All these ministries have been vetted, and we have personal connections to many of them. If you choose to make a donation to Beit Tikvah with the intention of helping local ministries in Israel, please indicate “Bless Israel” on the donation and we will ensure the monies go directly to those serving there.
You can also give directly to the following organizations: